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Since 1996, Wolf & Colleen Thoma have been practicing the art of cooking fine pet treats in a special kettle cooking process they adopted from the European culinary arts.

By crafting their treats in small batches and using slow and simmering cooking techniques, they have mastered the understanding of the unique flavour preferences of dogs and cats.

Wolf & Colleen’s passion for fine ingredients and fine cooking continues to this day at their own Kettle Cooking facility in Kelowna, BC, where they craft the finest pet treats in Canada.


KettleCraft Dog Product Information

KettleCraft Dog Product Information

Why Pets love our treats

All kettle craft dog and cat treats are hand crafted at our facility here in Canada using natural, regionally sourced ingredients. With restaurant grade meats, poultry and fish constantly obsessing over sourcing the highest quality fresh ingredients.
kettleKettle craft treats are kettle cooked in small batches, simmered for hours, then cured to give your dog or cat the ultimate tasting experience. Each specialized batch is then portioned into perfect treat sized bites specific to your pets needs.

packageEvery step of our process receives a personal touch ensuring consistent delicious treats, with superb quality control ensuring our personally packaged treats make it safely into our high quality air tight resealable pouches.

Our Staff - Wholesale inquiries only please..

Sales & Marketing

Jason is here, there & everywhere... Always on the go and loves to run like the wind.

Customer Service & Accounting

Here kitty kitty... Loves chasing down solutions and rarely bites.

Head Chef

If he's not cooking up great kibbles he can be found chasing his favourite chew toy

General Manager

Often found working his magic in our extra large kitchen, his spare time spent chasing tires.

Order Processing & Shipping

Always taking the time to ensure quality control, order placement and yes.. she loves hats.

The rest of us…!

Taste testing, fetching and always learning what our fury friends love.